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TRACK OF THE DAY! I need ya By Sabai , With Love, RYYZN

Need an upbeat vibe with a happy melody, you have found it! This track brings those sadboi lyrics and melodies. It brings big heavy hitting chords with lyrics that will leave you needing another listen. This track features beautiful chords and great use of sounds throughout the entire track with heartfelt lyrics. I definitely recommend checking this one out below! About Sabai:The meaning of Sabai is "comfortable" which signifies who he is as an artist. He strives to give fans a feeling of acceptance and familiarity, to be a shoulder to lean on when anyone needs inspiration. More than anything, he wants fans to be comfortable with who they are, to realize that through his music, there is someone who knows what they are going through.Sabai blends an eclectic mix of Future Bass and House along side other genres like R&B and Pop, he has seen his profile skyrocket since signing with Monstercat and is an artists to definitely keep your eye on, so make sure to give him a follow! @sabaimusic About With Love: His focus is to spread love and bring people together with his music. He aims to capture and expose emotions with his art, but also, strives to connect on a deeper level with fans and other artists alike. He builds off of the bones of Future Bass, while incorporating raw acoustic elements and influences from many other genres. His main goal simply put, is to create music that makes you feel something. About Ryzzn: A Vancouver based Pop duo of David York and Jessie Elias who come from Calgary and Saskatoon respectively. The duo is best known for their weekly copyright free series. Thay have also seen great support from major youtube channel Chilltracks. As well they have also received support by getting on some of spotifys editorial playlists such as ‘Mint Canada’, It’s a Bop’ and many more.

Check out the track!

Check out our Spotify 'Track of the Day!' Playlist!

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