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TRACK OF THE DAY! Hypnotize By Fairlane, Grant

This track is very explosive with its unique, strong sounds, I honestly was caught off guard when I first heard the track in the best way possible. I love the atmospheric sounds and raw acoustic guitar but don't be fooled as this track goes heavy in the drop. Grant and Fairlane did an incredible job, I love the vocals and lyrics they are done beautifully in this track, honestly has me hypnotized. The sound design is incredible especially at the drop where its very strong and a bit melodic. I will definitely have this track on repeat all week long and recommend checking it out the track and learning more about the artists below!

About Grant: The evolution of Grant has stemmed from a shift in artistic and personal characteristics. It’s a coming of age story that’s told through music, art and an approachable personality. Being able to identify as yourself and not hide behind the facade that a brand can sometimes hold, allows Grant to truly embrace himself as inspiration. Now Grant stands at the precipice of another level of expression. This is music tied to a life lived with introspection and compassion. For those looking to find inspiration, these songs are for you. A community awaits where individuals share different interpretations, a myriad of emotions, and inner discovery. The common thread is music from an artist who knows what it’s like to be on the outside looking in. But as Grant so successfully proves, it’s the right place to be.

About Fairlane: Fairlane is the musical alias of Tyler Mead, a Canadian based multi-instrumentalist producer who’s been experimenting with music since his early adolescent years. Drawing from the early 2000's punk rock era of music, it has always been his goal to combine the beautiful, emotional, and hard hitting aspects a record could have. After debuting his project with an official remix of Rihanna's "Desperado", Fairlane has gone on to work with industry legends such as Ava Max, Ilsey Juber, Nevve, Jocelyn Alice, and many more. His original music and remixes have accumulated over 250 million streams on YouTube and over 30 million on Spotify to date - both numbers continue to grow with each passing day.

In late 2018, Fairlane entered the live music scene supporting ILLENIUM on his Awake 2.0 Tour, followed by support for similar artists such as Gryffin, Vanic, and William Black in the following year. By combining live instrumentation with his guitar and DJing, Fairlane has been able to deliver an intimate yet energetic show experience that has left fans all across North America patiently awaiting their next opportunity to catch a set.

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