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Happy Saturday! Today we are featuring an amazing track from local artists Dirtykvrt, this one coming out of Plastic Magic Records titled 'Growing Pains'. This ones a bit different compared to some of his past releases, but I am loving it, he still brings those dirty vibes and combines it with some Drum and Bass and it sounds great. I love all the added unique sounds such as the car honk, forest sounds and so much more, they sound very raw, to pull you into the track. This ones a bit more chill and melodic, but still goes a bit heavy at some parts and brings that dirty bass. This track almost takes you on a journey as it slowly changes speeds up and slows down, well constantly surprising you with new sounds. It is a bit of a longer track running at just over six minutes but let me tell you very second is worth it. My favorite part of this track is its catchy melody, let me tell you this one will have you humming it all weekend long. Dirtykvrt has done an incredible job on this one and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for the future, big ups to Plastic Magic for releasing this one. You can learn more about Dirtykvrt and listen to the track below.

About Dirtykvrt: Dirtykvrt is a multi genre music producer and DJ. All things dirty bass music / enter the void experience! He has played 5 official headliner shows in the city of Vancouver as well as 5 music festivals. 2 at FORTUNE SOUND CLUB 1 being for his EP release, 2 at the best after hours spot in the city (333), 1 at MIA headlining the local WAY HOME showcase and then the gigs were he closed out after acts like, Malaa, Vincent & Y2K. He has supported these artists ; Bear Grillz, Chuurch, Vincent, WE ARE FURY, Flamingosis, Y2K, Malaa, Shift K3Y, Nostalgix, AFK, Hekler, Walter Wilde, CastNowski & lastly supported as well as done back to backs with both Castnowski & Chris Lorenzo. His most notable support is for; Abstrakt Sonance, INC.LINE, KYTAMI, RUMPUS & MT. DOYLE. dirtykvrt has held down 4 DJ residencies and is familiar with how to rock the party from start to finish. In July you can expect an experimental bass music EP titled “ON THE BRINK” released on Plastic Magic Records. Rest assured it will crank necks and separate him from your average music producer. You can find his edits, remix’s and mashups on SoundCloud. P.L.U.D.F.B.

Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound

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