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What do you get when you blend rich analog frequencies with soul/funk, live instrumentation and layer it with future house?

Answer: The grooviest track known to mankind.

This track is so wonderful layered in the best possible way. The Fort Knox Five have taken an already bangin track, rich with Average Citizens wobbly baselines and future house sound, blended with Frase's signature, soulful, analog sound and injected it with live instruments and funk. They have taken control, landed the plane and threw a party on the tarmac. To sum it up in one phrase I'd say this track is the perfect blend of authentic and digital sound.

Definitely a track to lift your spirits, get you groovin and carry you through the week.

About the artists:

Fort Knox Five is known for bending genres and using a broad range of musical elements in their creation of highly original music They they are known for blended live instrumentation with electronic music and renowned for their exciting and eclectic DJ sets. Fort Knox Five has toured and performed for nearly two decades alongside major artists like The Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy, Jurassic 5, Z Trip, Diplo, A Trak, Craze, Gwen Stefani, the Black Eyed Peas and more.

Average Citizens Canadian DJ/production couple that bring the best wobbly basslines, booty shaking vibes, & bouncy goodness to the underground Vancouver scene. Their enticing stage presence & high energy performances will leave you sweating & begging for more. Their style infuses hip-hop elements with future house & a smattering of UK-inspired bass. They are also the co-founders of the Rise & Shine FamJam Fundraiser, a festival that donates 100% of proceeds to charity. Can they be any more amazing?

Frase: "Since his debut EP “Daggers & Shields” in 2015, FRASE has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world with a sound that is analog and soulful, yet pushes to the future. Playing Jazz Festivals, back to back with EDM Raves, FRASE is blurring the lines of contemporary music performance and Genre."

Listen to the track here:

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