Track Of The Day! Going Under By Kermode

Updated: Apr 21

When it comes to EDM there are four things that I am a huge fan of as song elements. A solid but interesting beat; a drum, bass or other interesting rhythm. Lyrics, how they fit in the song or what they mean. Instruments that aren't often heard or used. And finally what I refer to as "The double S", samples and sound bites. Kermode has expertly crafted each of these elements into his latest offering titled "Going Under" . The track opens with what I am assuming is a Chinese Erhu, a single stringed violin like instrument notable for its' bow sound. Next up is a vocal sample interestingly provided by Kermode's own sister Una Mey from her song "Keep You Close" which is followed by a cool bamboo flute riff. Can you see where we're going here? The track jumps right into a punchy, old, ethereal sounding beat that really sets the tempo and mood. You can catch a plethora of interesting samples, sound bites and more throughout the rest of the songs short but robust 2:31 run time. I found myself listening on repeat to try and figure out all the different sounds that I was hearing along with the powerful lyrics. Another interesting part of the track is the clean and simple drums compared to the other samples and sounds. They really set themselves apart in terms of production but blend so well with the rest of the track. With 1k plus streams already on Spotify alone this is a stellar track that is a really enjoyable listen. Give your earbuds a treat and check it out!

About Kermode: Also known by his alter ego, Jeanot Mey, Kermode is driven by the "desire to fuse the beauty of the West coast with the aggression and grandeur of modern bass music"*. Besides the love for his craft Jeanot also enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills through his YouTube channel where he has playlists, tutorials and recordings of his live streams. Kermode will support ill.Gates at the Red Room on April 9th and is also set to play Chloe's Candy Land on Vancouver Island this April 22nd-24th!

Treat your ears to "Going Under" now!

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