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Top of the week to everyone. Our track of the day features Xander Rose's house dance single "Get Busy." This track is bananas! The deep bass alone is worth putting this track on repeat. Be warned, the beat drops from the start, so be ready to get your feet and body grooving. In "Get Busy," Xander created a track centered around a driving, deep bassline, a mean synth riff, and timely placed vocals. Xander uses effects in the perfect places to really bring the energy with this track. I'm pretty sure we even heard dog's barking on this one. Lol! What else can we say about Xander Rose, other than this guy is sick! We can't wait to see what he does in 2022. We definitely recommend checking out the track below and learning more about Xander Rose.

About Xander Rose: Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Xander Rose has been releasing aggressive house music since his debut single “Drank” in 2017. Since then, he’s received support from bass house heavyweights like MASTERIA, DLMT, JACKNIFE, Nostalgix and others on his various releases and has also been featured multiple times in Spotify’s Editorial Playlist “Bangers”. Xander has signed releases to notable record labels like Incursion Recordings, Haus of Panda’s Speed House Movement, and Dack Janiels’ 40oz Cult.

Check out the Track!

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