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Happy Friday! Looking for a fun bouncy track to bounce you into the weekend, well Ketafere and Jay Urban Music just released a new track on UFO Recordz Titled 'G.B.B'. This track features a rhythmic, bouncy bassline with some deep heavy vocals that repeat "Get your Bad Bitches". This track goes off with some super unique sounds that are full of energy, that really brings great danceability to this track with its wicked backbeat. The backbeat in this track really brings the punch with deep kicks and punchy claps, that really slap, and add another boost to the tracks fire.

Ketafere has been on fire constantly pumping out amazing music and let me tell you if you liked any of his last releases you will be sure to love this one, he keeps his signature style and elevates it to another level with this track. Jay Urban Music who is another local Vancouver artists brings his unique sounds to the table as well in this track, it definitely seems a bit different then what we are used to seeing from Jay Urban Music but I like it. We are excited to see what's next to come from Ketafere and Jay Urban Music in the future. You can learn more about Ketafere and Jay Urban Music below as well check out the track.

About Jay Urban Music: My name is Jay Urban. I’m a multi-genre producer from Vancouver, Canada with more than 8+ years of experience, previously worked with Sony Music, RCA Records, Macklemore, Soulja Boy, Rich The Kid and many other major and indie artists. So far my extensive catalog with beats has received more than 5 million plays and counting. I have lots of customers, artists, and labels that I constantly work with and they always come back to working with me. As I was told they love the way I talk to my customers, provide personal discounts and help with any troubles via email, txt or phone at any time of the day. In addition to that, I have a great understanding of production, licensing, syncing and marketing aspects in this industry. Today, songs with my production get played all over the world and being featured by online music stores, TV, radio stations, films, and shows.

Jay’s vision is to become a recognizable music artist, songwriter, and producer in the industry. Jay also wants to use his kind and passionate personality to inspire people around the world to do what they want to do in life without worrying about being criticized. Jay wants to help people spread the love and their genuine feelings to each other as well as always have faith in better life where everyone is truly caring and loving to each other.

About Ketafere: From 10 person house parties to crowds of 3000 in less then half a year, Vancouver has given birth to a new talent. Ketafere's love for music and the perks of getting to party for a living doesn't have him complaining. His sets are definitely unique in style by telling stories and taking people on a wild journey through sound. Where most DJ's stick to a few genres, Ketafere is known for bouncing constantly between genres, always keeping the crowd on their feet. Ketafere is the alias that Connor Joanis runs under when producing and playing shows. He is ready to party anywhere, any day, anytime! Ketafere has played alongside world renown DJ's including: Wildstylez, Poss, Social Status, Moiez

Check out the Track!

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