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Kuhlosul did an incredible job on this track, titled 'Future Punk' released on Holy Trap. This track was 8 months in the making according to Kuhlosul on Facebook, and let me tell you all that hard work shows. This track features a lot of space and futuristic type sounds, paired with heavy drops and wicked rap versus. I absolutely love this track, it is super unique from the sound design to the style the way the track morphs from a sick rap style backbeat to a heavy trap build up and drop is incredible and jaw dropping. This track brings a ton of energy with its deep, rich sounds. If your into those heavy Trap/Dubstep style tracks then let me tell you this one is for you. I highly recommend you read more about Kuhlosul and check out the track below as well as some of his other tracks!

About Khulosul: Hailing from Kelowna B.C. Canada, Kuhlosul is an up-and-coming bass producer who made his musical debut four years ago. Kuhlosul provides his audience with a unique and ghastly take on dubstep, focusing on all things weird and wobbly.

Kuhlosul has released music with reputable labels in the past including Emengy, High Caliber Records, and Hybrid Trap. Furthermore, he has garnered support from well-respected artists such as Riot Ten, Minesweepa, Gawm, Gl0bal, Bassgazm, and more. His persistence and determination have allowed him to perfect his craft and channel his own distinctive sound within his work.

Check out the Track!

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