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Happy Saturday! Local producer Sadgangsta just dropped a unique trap track on True Sound Records. This unique track is full of vibrant sounds and breath taking vocals and is sure to leave you moving your feet. The track features an exciting backbeat with an addicting melody, well the vocals in this track really pull you in and complete this track in my mind. The vocals really complements the tracks overall vibe and add a contrasting soft touch to the heavy, deep sounds. Meanwhile the bassline really helps drive the track, overall I think Sadgangsta did an incredible job and I can't wait to hear what's next for this local producer. You can check out the track at the bottom of this blog and read our other 'Track Of The Day!' Featured blogs.

About Sadgangsta: Sadgangsta is an artist alias created by Arjun Sharma. Raised in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area; Sadgangsta has been an avid fanatic and producer of various EDM genres since 2011. Arjun has worked with Digital Media Academy at the University of British Columbia; working as a program specialist for electronic music production; in their summer tech camp programs. Arjun first started performing as a DJ with Vancouver company; in small bars in Downtown Vancouver.

After joining and completing Cosmic Academy in the summer of 2021, Sadgangsta started signing his first records; notably with True Sound Records for his first release “From You”; and a couple others soon to come for a two track Dubstep EP featuring epic loony bin styles drops and emotional intros.

Sadgangsta is a promising act equipped to take on festivals, parties, and all kinds of rave gigs; coming out of Vancouver and working on hard on new content as always. Follow Sadgangsta on Instagram @sadgangstagram where he uploads self-released music and links to other digital content of his own and of his peers.

Check out the Track!

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