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Track of the day! Flood by RYYZN

Today we are bringing back the electro pop with this upbeat yet contemplative track by RYYZN. The track "flood" follows a persons inner dialogue as they wrestle with giving up the "drugs" holding them back. This moving track may have some of you questioning your demons while inspiring catalysts for change. The groovy beat and instrumental will have you moving, no matter what frame of mind you are in.

RYYZN is a Vancouver based pop duo comprised of David York and Jessie Elias who come from Calgary and Saskatoon respectively. They are best known for their weekly copyright free series where they have been releasing a song a week for 101 weeks straight since June 2019. The duo have received support from major YouTube channels Audio Library, Mr Revillz, AirwaveMusicTV, Sensual Musique, and ChillTracks. They have 6 songs on 10 Spotify playlists including: "It's a Bop", "New Music Friday Canada", "mint Canada", "Just Vibing", "indie pop & chill", "Fresh Finds", "Pop Sauce", "Fresh Finds: Indie", "Fresh Finds: Pop", and "Fresh Finds: Basement". This success has resulted in a play count of well over 10 Million. RYYZN have released two EP's, one self titled and the other titled "RYYZN II" and worked with artists BEAUZ, Miles Away, Constant Z, Marcus James, and Adam Pearce.

Listen to "Flood" here:

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