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Conro brings us a heartfelt masterpiece of a track titled 'find u.' released on Monstercat. Conro wrote this track when he was in a pretty dark place. " Looking back I’ve grown soooo much. Can’t recognize the good without walking through the bad. Blessed." Conro posted on Facebook saying about this release. This track is fun, heartfelt and powerful, with its powerful chords, genuine vocals and fun drums. 'find u.' is the type of track if you like heartfelt, fun tracks may have you listening to it on repeat. My favorite part of this song is all the raw acoustic sounds, and guitar riffs they really add to heartfelt vocals and in my opinion are what makes this track so great! I highly recommend you check out this track below!

About Conro: Canada born, Conor Patton, better known as Conro, developed a passion for music being surrounded by a loving and supportive family with a deep rooted passion for music. Adopting elements from his early childhood music education, Conro shaped a catchy signature sound in dance music with his upbeat, electro house tracks.

Conro received a wave of praise from his electro house and future bass production style. With his Connecting The Dots EP, Conro unveiled the first of many chart-toppers in his future in“Close”; which hit Billboard’s Dance Airplay Chart at #17. Though this style of music has brought him plenty of success, Conro chose to follow a style that aligned with his core ethos he wanted to convey to a wider audience: a vibrant, funky, and instrumentation driven soundscape while implementing his own impressive vocals.

From his newly forged sound, Conro has amassed a collection of hit tracks that display his musical versatility. With the release of “Me”, Conro saw firsthand the impact of his music worldwide. His success only grew with “Take Me There” breaking way rising to #12 on Billboard’s Dance Airplay Chart shortly followed by “Trippin” rising to #7.

With Conro’s debut album, Level Days, set to drop May 2020, Conro expands on his signature style and sound showcasing his versatility across genres from dance, indie pop and everything in between. He continues to embrace all the musical influences whilst staying true and maintaining his widely loved sound.

Check out the Track!

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