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Ratman and Bobbin just dropped a brand new tune on Dirty Bird Records exclusively available on there streaming platform Birdfeed. This one brings some major Tech House vibes, and features a wicked melody that is addicting and fun, with a backbeat that really drives the track. My favorite part of this track would have to be the sound design, it reminds me of some acid techno type tracks, very unique and interesting they did a great job to blend it all together, and bring a really nice flow to it. If I had to describe this track in three words I would say its Fun, Danceable, and addictive. The melody is very fun and paired with the backbeat really makes you wanna dance to it, with that the melody also being super addictive, makes me wanna listen to this track on repeat all day. I highly recommend you head over to and listen to this amazing track and learn more about this local duo below!

If you live in the lower mainland in B.C. and wanna see Ratman and Bobbin live play there new tune, catch them at Eclipse on February 5th, more information HERE!

About Ratman and Bobbin: Vancouver based, Tech House, Dj and Producer duo, these two never stop. With some huge releases last year releasing on Boxofcats and more in 2021, they are kicking off 2022 with a bang! Releasing on Dirty Bird Records. They have also received huge support by: Shiba San, Matroda, CID, Golf Clap, Ship Wrek, Case of the Mondays, Subset, Cloverdale, Hooders and many more!

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