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TRACK OF THE DAY! Fallout By Deadcrow (Poni Remix)

This track brings some heat with an intense build up and heavy drop. This is the perfect gaming track or pump up track, with its intensity and heavy unique sounds. I absolutely adore the heavy bassline and trap backbeat! I love how it starts off fast and slows down near the end but still keeps its intensity, the sound design in this track is insane. This track is currently only available on Audius but it was to good that we couldn't not feature it as 'Track of the Day' I definitely recommend you check it out below and learn more about Poni!

About Poni: Fairly new to the scene as an artist, Poni claims to still “have no idea what [she’s] doing” but is curious and eager to explore her sound and carve out a place for herself in the ever-evolving electronic music community. Combining heavy bass elements, a sense of darkness and never quite enough distortion, she has no plans to stick to the confines of any one genre and hopes to establish a unique sound for herself.

Unlike other artists who claim to make music unlike anything you’ve heard before, Poni guarantees you’ve probably heard similar sounds to what she makes, but at least she’s hopefully crafted them in a way that is her own.

She may look scary but inside she’s a soft marshmallow who still sleeps with a teddy yet is somehow evil enough to eat chips with her mouth open and stick her finger in your mouth when you yawn (maybe not right now though because of the virus).



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