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Track Of The Day! Endless Rain by Ngyn,Nitsua

Sometimes you just need a little lo-fi to match your mood or calm you down. Whatever mood you are in "Endless rain" by Ngyn and Nitsua is the musical warm blanket and cocoa by the fireplace you've been searching for. The boys have taken a well loved genre and have given it an oriental twist that will be an absolute delight to your ears.

About the artists:

NGYN, is a versatile, multigenre electronic producer. He is deeply rooted in bass and electronic music, though recently he moved to make a name within the Lofi scene. He is known for pushing his musical boundaries, resulting in over 14.2 Million streams on Spotify to Date.

NITSUA, is a music producer specialising is lo-fi. His motto is "living in the present." and he lives for collaborations. "Endless rain" is one of multiple tracks with Ngyn.

Check out their track here:

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