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Happy Friday! Today we bring you a track that's 'Drippin Non Stop' from Ayoo and Xpnsv Taste, released on Digital Empire Records. This track brings a ton of energy with its deep, rolling bassline and vocals. They are mesmerizing vocals that will have the verse 'Drippin Non Stop' stuck in your head all weekend long. This tracks addicting backbeat and unique sound design will have you keeping this track on repeat all weekend long with it's wicked Tech House vibes. This is one release you will not wanna pass on, so make sure to learn more about the artists below and scroll down to the bottom to hear the track for yourself.

Wanna hear this track in person word on the street is Xpnsv Taste has a performance on December 11th in Vancouver. He has been on fire lightly with all the amazing new music he has been putting out. Ayoo also has been killing it, playing some amazing shows be sure to check out this brother duo.

About XPNSV TASTE: Enter XPNSV TASTE with style that commands the room and music that commands the dance floor. It isn’t just his lavish glamor that’s turning heads from all over the world. Tailoring music of high-quality design, each XPNSV TASTE track moves between music boundaries in a golden melting pot of bass house, tech house, and industrial house garnished with pop influence and festival sound. Stunning melodies adorn each high-energy bass line while dark undertones take listeners on a journey of lawlessness and chaos. In just a short amount of time, XPNSV TASTE has become a groundbreaking pioneer of sound, style, and status. Armed with an arsenal of Unreleased music supported by many heavyweights in the industry, this ICON Collective graduate is someone to keep on your radar.

About Ayoo: AYOO is the DJ/Producer duo - Chicago based, born and raised on the love of music. James and Eric specialize in the House and Bass music genre. Reigning from Chicago “the Home of House Music”, both individuals intend to incorporate their funk/bass like style while keeping the house reputation alive. The duo is also a part of a young but rapidly fast growing collective known best by, The Be Nice Collective.

Check out the Track!

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