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It's refreshing to hear something that's truly innovative and that's exactly what 17-year-old Vancouver -based producer, Evocky has done on his Single, Down Like. The next generation of EDM will be in good hands especially with Evocky leading the way. The track of the day is pure fire, hinting that his time may be soon rather than later. Down Like has the right the blend of fun, consistency, and originality to keep you grooving to its unique sound. It's not only a fun song to dance to, but it's also fun to just listen to, thanks to Evocky's infectious concoction of contrasting sounds. With deep vocals and danceable drum and basslines, the energy in this track never dies. "Everybody in this b***h get down like" will certainly get everyone on the dancefloor.

Evocky has been working tirelessly to master his sound in a new, fresh way. All of Vancouver keep your ears and eyes on Evocky, he will be leading the next generation of the EDM music industry. Check out Down Like below.

About Evocky: Evocky is a 17-year-old producer from Vancouver, Canada. Over the years he has evolved his sound and is improving everyday. Music is his passion, hobby, and will be his career one day. Make sure to keep a lookout, as he won’t be stopping anytime soon…

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