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Lndn went off on this track, I love the underground vibe this track has. When I first heard this track it made me think of how perfect this track is for those times just laying they're relaxing on he beach or going on late night drives. It definitely brings that relaxed but energetic feel to it with the punchy kicks and groovy bassline. LNDN as always did an amazing job blending all the sounds together. I honestly love the long intense build ups he has in this track and then drops it and blends some really dope acid type sounds. This track is definitely not one to sleep on and Lndn is a local artist you will want to keep a eye on with him pumping out all these amazing tracks. Learn more about him and check out the track below!

About Lndn: He is a talented Producer/DJ that is pushing the limits of dance music with his bass driven house style. Born in Vancouver, Canada, LNDN grew up in a musical environment and played many instruments before falling in love with dance music. He began producing as a teenager in a small town of 10,000 people where EDM wasn’t popular. He found joy in enlightening them to the world of EDM with his creativity and innovative house music. Although he is early in his career, LNDN is a force to be reckoned with. With multiple Beatport charting songs and festival gigs around western Canada, he has a goal to keep creating and sharing his music with a worldwide audience.

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