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Today we take a look a at a recent release from LNDN and Control Room that came out on a compilation album titled 'Sebastion and Friends' on Liftoff Records and features a ton of amazing tracks. However this track we are featuring today off the album is coming from some BC locals and has to be my favorite one titled 'Don't Give Up'. This track right from the bat brings off some deep Underground, futuristic feels, with a heavy bass and kicks and brings a synth like sounding melody. This track is definitely a little different from LNDN and Control Room's other recent releases but I am loving it, it just shows their versatility in the studio. Another amazing part of this track is the featured vocal chops, I always love some good vocal chops especially in a track like this one, and they really seem to elevate the track and help keep or grab your attention. This track features a lot of techno and kind of underground futuristic style sounds, that are unique, what I am most impressed about is how LNDN and Control Room blended and used those sounds, it's a bit different and unique and I love it. I definitely recommend you learn more about both artists below and check out the track and entire album!

About Control Room: Consists of two aspiring DJ/Producers from Western Canada. Launching their new brand at the end of 2020, they have hit the ground running with multiple releases in 2021. The duo has gathered support from Dr. Fresch, BIJOU and RUMPUS, as well as having 2 tracks chart #1 on Beatport. With COVID restrictions easing in summer 2021 the duo was able to play multiple shows and live streams spanning from Vancouver to Grande Prairie. They shared the stage with many fellow Western Canadian artists such as Neon Steve, RUMPUS, Defunk, Prayer Handz, Stund, Def3 and more. Control Room plans to continue their hard work moving forward by producing as much music as possible moving into 2022. Stay tuned for more high energy house music!

About LNDN: Lynden Grosso (LNDN) is a Canadian producer that is pushing the limits of dance music with his bass driven house style.

Between his rolling basslines and complex lead sounds, LNDN loves to induce those second drop, "OOF" moments. He grew up in a musical environment and played many instruments before falling in love with dance music. He began producing as a teenager in his hometown of 10,000 people, where he enjoyed creating an interest in EDM with his innovative production style.

With tracks signed to UFO Recordz, Rock Bottom Records, Emengy Deep, and OFDM, you can expect that anything LNDN releases will keep crowds on their toes.

LNDN is known in the Western Canada EDM scene from his sets at Canadian festivals such as Snowbombing 2017/2018, Electric Love, and Arrival. LNDN is no stranger to the club scene either. He regularly plays sets of original music as well as sharing the stage with notable producers such as Chris Lorenzo, Smalltown DJs, Vanic and Crankdat.

Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound'

Check out the Track!

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