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TRACK OF THE DAY! "Do I Wanna Know?" by Hahlweg and Nicky MacKenzie

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

"Do I Wanna Know?" by Hahlweg and Nicky MacKenzie is out on Seeking Blue Records.

This is heartbreak after a breakup love song but not with your typical lyrics. This track has something different which makes it our track of the day. This track starts out acapella-like with Nicky’s soft voice over one string bass notes. Her heartache tone gives the lyrics color and imagery. Nicky opens with reflective questions to a former lover who has forgotten the experiences they shared. It appears to be a one-sided relationship but there is hope of reuniting. As the song heads into the chorus, there is pause filled with anticipation and it does not disappoint. Hahlweg brings a nasty bass sound that follows Nicky note for note. This is a beautiful orchestrated song from start to finish. Looking forward to hearing more from Hahlweg and Nicky Mackenzie in the future.

Check out "Do I Wanna Know?" below.

About Nicky MacKenzie: Originally from Salt Spring Island, Nicky MacKenzie’s talent for capturing emotions in her lyrics and melodies never ceases to disappoint the ear. Her life long passion for singing and writing music lead her to the city of Vancouver to perform, collaborate, and attend school for audio engineering and artist development. She recently was chosen as one of the 5 winners of the Canadian Songwriting Challenge, was a contestant on CTV’s first season of The Launch, and has a full length album and singles out available on every platform. Her soulful vocals combined with R&B, Jazz, and Pop influences create an array of colours in her music that is not to be missed.

Check out the Track!

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