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Shman just came out with her latest EP 'AEON'. The track we are reviewing today is called 'DNA' my personal favorite off the EP. In this track it starts off with some sounds that remind me of a colorful free flowing space like videogame with its whimsical chords and sound design. Shman does an amazing job with this track beginning to end, bringing unique deep sounds and combining them with a free flowing back beat and vocals that are so mesmerizing they leave you wanting more. My favorite part of this track is the vocals, they really carry the track and help it flow freely as they combine well with the tracks unique sound design which makes for a combo that is not only unique but works incredible well together. I highly recommend you check out this track and the entire EP. Tap the Link at the bottom of the blog to listen and check out our crafted 'Track Of The Day' Spotify Playlist!

About Shman: shman (pronounced “Shh-man") is an electronic producer and DJ who experiments with the borders between freeform bass, future bass, and trap styles in her music. shman fell in love with electronic music from the minute she opened Ableton and has been creating brand new sounds straight from the sine wave ever since. She is also a vocalist and often adds her own voice and lyrics to her songs. shman has a full repertoire of original music which spans across trap, future bass, and experimental deep bass styles that are sure to please the bass and hip hop crowds. In addition to her music, shman loves creating fun, short videos on her Tik tok and Instagram that show off her knowledge of complex sound design.

Check out the Track!

Check out our 'Track of the day!' Spotify Playlist!

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