Track Of The Day! Disarm (Cover) By Hahlweg And On Planets

"Disarm", a track originally written by The Smashing Pumpkins, is given fresh new life through this cover collab by Hahlweg & On Planets. Along with 5 other covers "Disarm" was part of an EP titled Nostalgia: Reimagined. From Hahlweg this EP was a way to "...tap back into my childhood and the important musical moments in my life... Paying homage to the music that got me to where I am today." As far as covers are concerned this is a fantastic reimagining and really takes on a similar but amplified feel to the original track. Dark and emotive, the track is complimented by somber sounding but powerful vocals. If you're a fan of interesting interpretations of popular cover songs you will not be disappointed by this track. Nothing is taken away from the original Pumpkins but plenty is added and reimagined!

About Hahlweg: Hailing from Vancouver, BC describing Hahlweg's music as "diverse" is an understatement. He describes his sound as atmospheric, cinematic & otherworldy; pushing boundaries to weave a dichotomous relationship of sound, emotion and mood.

About On Planets: Just a boy and his computer.

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