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TRACK OF THE DAY! Different kind of high By Xpnsv Taste, Calixte

This track is truly a different kind of high with its groovy tech house bassline mixed with a beautiful backbeat to compliment it. This track also features some great vocals that keep you engaged and gives you that ‘different kind of high’ in all the best ways. I absolutely love the use of some unique chill sounds to bring a great flow to the track. Take a listen for yourself below! About Xpnsv Taste:He Describes himself as a broke boy with expensive taste. If he keeps this up he may not be a broke boy for long. About Calixte: Featured on Chill Tracks Haitian/American singer-songwriter , producer, entertainer Calixte ( Kah-Leeks-Tay ) brings forth a new vibration to music. Through lyric, rhythm, and a gravelly smokey tone sets a rocking atmosphere thats electrifying and daring. Speaking from true life experiences and Calixte’s unapologetic mouth and wide range from belting high notes to soothing lows you can hear the joy, pain, venerability and heartbreak in his vocal. With Infectious melodies ,electrifying lyrics and a rawness Calixte brings the an energy and dynamic that the soul can connect to. Charting in over 9 countries and streaming 1 million plus streams, the unique voice of Calixte brings to the track an incredible vibe, characterized by a style fueled by adrenaline, energy and raw emotion. Calixte has been featured on Spotify playlists such as Deep House Relax, House Chill Out and Friday Cratediggers, new music Friday, and Massive Drum & Bass, Calixte worked with the likes of Daryl Hall & John Oates, Will Smith, Sia and Jason Derulo and many more.

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