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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

After an exhaustive task of releasing 101 songs in 101 weeks, RYYZN debuts single "Descriptions."

The Vancouver duo of Jessie and Dave show no signs of slowing down after putting out over 100 copywrite free songs. Following a short break, the group delivers "Descriptions." RYYZN likes to write songs with catchy hooks and fairly tongue and cheek lyrics. Yes, the hook is catchy but the lyrics in 'Descriptions' are serious and visual. They speak to the emotions and doubts of a relationship. The balance of falsetto and normal vocals give character and assists in delivering the story of this song. The music production accompanied very well and let the vocals shine. Overall, this is a great track, it has all the right pieces to be a hit.

Be on the lookout for a video for "Descriptions," on RYYZN's Youtube channel. It will be shot in Vancouver. You can check out the track below.

About RYYZN: RYYZN is an alternative pop duo from Vancouver, Canada consisting of members Jessie Elias and David York. Their sound is a blend of alternative pop and hip hop taking a lot of influence from Jon Bellion and AJR. They have released two EP's including their self titled debut and "RYYZN II", both which amassed hundreds of thousands of plays across platforms. They have collaborated with notable producers Miles Away, Constant Z, Adam Pearce, and Marcus James. RYYZN has released with notable labels Lowly Palace, Metanoia Music, Physical Presents, and many more. The duo has gained a substantial following on YouTube with their weekly copyright free series, in which they release a copyright free song per week for 101 weeks in a row.

Check out the Track!

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