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TRACK OF THE DAY! D.G.A.F. By Kuhlosul

Are you ready to go wild? This track brings the heat with a side of head banging. This track honestly 'D.G.A.F.' with its Trap vibe, I absolutely love the all unique sounds with the heavy bass and hard hitting trap snares. The drop honestly goes hard, and brings a energetic vibe with a heavy bassline. If you want toyourself remind of the times of hitting front row on the rails and head banging then this is the track for you. Learn more about this Kelowna based artists and listen to the track below!

About Kuhlosul: Residing in Kelowna, BC, Canada, Mason Mohns is an Edm producer under the alias Kuhlosul, his style of music is a dark twisted take on dubstep with room for anything in between, Throughout Mason’s career he has made big moves to grow and learn his process and has had a ton of fun along the way. His steady growth and determination for his craft has him lined up for success.

Check out the Track!

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