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Today we want to feature a hard hitting track from Crash Overide. The track titled 'Cynic' off his latest EP release brings those cyberpunk, heavy melodic vibes, with heavy bass to knock your socks off. Shortly after the intro of the track Crash hits you with that heavy bass and futuristic sounds. This track takes you on a journey as the sounds morph into the next with the backbeat staying consistent, to almost give this feel like your traveling through space and its taking you through all the ups and downs, as the track speeds up and slows down through the breaks, drops and build ups. You can listen to the track at the bottom of this blog.

My overall review of this track is its unique, its definitely brings a different vibe then most tracks of its nature, my favorite part would have to be the sound design as this track features a lot of really cool and unique cyberpunk like futuristic sounds. Crash Overide absolutely crushed it in 2021 playing at festivals and releasing music. We cannot wait to see and hear what this Vancouver local artists has next for 2022!

About CrashOveride: Highly Anticipated, Crash Overide describes himself as being Heavy Hitting, and Cyber-Futuristic. This Bass Producer sure brings the heat in his productions and is one to keep an eye out for, we highly recommend you check out his twitch streams and tiktoks as well.

Check out the Track!

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