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This year could not end unless MYTHM dropped one more banger for us to listen to. " Crooks," released on the record label Wheel and Deal, the four-track EP should come with a warning for its gritty and unrelenting sound. As soon as you hit play, you are hit with a brilliant blend of sinister ambiance, a drop-dead gorgeous beat, and a haunting vocal samples. This track of the day is nothing dance to but your head will bob aggressively. In the course of this song, MYTHM blends so many different sounds and styles. You can tell MYTHM cared more what sounded good rather that trying fit into a genre. This track is built on a slowed but steady hip hip beat with a dark melodic synth sound. As if the beat and synths weren't nasty enough, MYTHM adds amazing effects, including pistol cocking, and multiple vocals that fuse well to the feel of this track. Take our word, this track is dope, and the longer you listen to it, the more impressive it becomes. Listen for yourself, check out the link below to hear "Crooks."

About Mythm: MYTHM is the vision of Vancouver bass music producer Mikey Miele. In just a short period of time, Miele has helped fortify the growth of the experimental bass and Dubstep scene on the west coast where he resides. No stranger to experimentation, the artist incorporates both analog and modular gear into his sound design. The result is a landscape of eerie atmospheres, hefty percussion, rupturing basslines, and hypnotic melodies. MYTHM has released his work on labels, such as Bassrush, Wormhole and Sleeveless Records to name a few. Since launching the project in January of 2019, Mikey has received support from the likes of world renowned producers such as J:Kenzo, Truth, Zed’s Dead, Stylust, N-Type, Liquid Stranger, and Peekaboo. Throughout the pandemic Mikey continued to elevate the project with steady releases and captivating live-stream performances that garnered him lots of new fans and listeners around North America. Riding this momentum, MYTHM leaves no room for stagnancy as he lives for the endless possibilities and boundaries that have yet to be pushed.

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