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TRACK OF THE DAY! Check it By Inc.line

This track is almost mezmorizing with its wicked melody in the beginning, then goes in hard with an amazing bassline and back beat to leave you speechless. You will definitely want to 'check it out'! I love all the unique sounds and backbeats he incorporates into the track especially when it all comes together at the end. Inc.line did an incredible job, It brings those DnB vibes! Listen to it below! About Inc.line: From their humble beginnings to center stage the boys of Inc.Line work together to create a distinct sound that is best described as "Catchy ill Bass Music". Inc.Line is a duo comprised of 2 spiritual wizards, Mike Hype and Doc Scott. Mike plays most show's solo but on special dates the duo plays an engaging set together that often includes live vocals. As experienced producers in the industry, they know how to arrange and mix sounds to make great music that always gets the dance floor moving! Bass music is what they know, do, and love. And since there is always something new that can be discovered by mixing beats, tempos, and melodies Inc.Line is constantly hard at work crafting up their next big banger!​

Check out the Track!

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