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This track is the real 'Champion Sound'. Released on Really Good Recordings, it brings some wicked vibes. The main sound in this track is really everything and honestly makes the track in my mind. This track also has a energetic backbeat that really elevates the sound and takes it to the next level, you think you would get tired of hearing the same sound over and over again but its the 'Champion Sound' and honestly HDrizzle and Distinct do a really good job to keep this track interesting, especially with a nice switch up half way through, that just adds a whole new perspective. My favorite part of this track would have to be the sound design, I do love the sound and overall this track is just incredible. Brings some mad heavy bass and DNB vibes. Mat The Alien also did an incredible remix to the track and I highly recommend you not only check out the original but his remix, they are both amazing tracks and be sure to learn more on Hdrizzle and Distinct below, we can't wait to hear what's to come in 2022 from both these talented artists.

About Hdrizzle: HDrizzle's multi-dimensional bass music is intertwined with bassline, house & garage. This combination helps facilitate a party like you've never experienced before. His production and energy continue to morph into something that is getting him noticed internationally, as well as quickly gaining him recognition within the West Coast regions. He holds a bi-weekly SUB FM show 5-7pm Fridays MST, along with releases on (US), SubSound (UK), DoYu Digital (CA), Trench Bass Music Recordings (EU), MalLabel Music (US), and more..

About Distinct: At the age of sixteen, Distinct (Samantha Makeiff) was a little young to be getting into the electronic scene, but a series of events had started to show her the way. Starting her DJing career from there, it wasn’t long until she was out purchasing her first pieces of vinyl. Due to an extensive musical background it was only a matter of time before she was dabbling in more than house music, spinning a variety of other genres including drum and bass, breaks, and ghetto funk. Her versatility and ear for top notch electronica has landed her multiple gigs across Canada.

Eager to share her music and support her local scene, Distinct has involved herself with a plethora of local Calgarian production and show crews. Helping bring some of the biggest names into Calgary has proven to be a busy and encouraging use of time, with lots of time also going to pursuing production. With musical releases under her belt, an already extensive festival circuit, and a dream to conquer the world, there is no stopping this ball of DnB fire. This is only the beginning of a very promising career.

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