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Track Of The Day! Cataclysm By Play Rough, FKE IMGE

If your looking for something heavy to start your week off, then you have come to the right place. Today's track we are reviewing is the newest release off of True Sound Records titled 'Cataclysm' By Play Rough and Fke Imge. This track will leave you speechless with its unique guitar riffs and heavy drops. My absolute favorite part of this track are the drops, both drops in this track are different and bring a heavy unique vibe packed with addicting sounds that will leave you wanting more. The sound design in the drops are super well done each drop features heavy kicks and tons of unique sounds and effects. This track will take you on journey with its switch ups and heavy bassline guiding you and satisfying your daily dose of bass needs. Overall definitely recommend checking out this track and the artists involved both Fke Imge and Play Rough are up to some big things, learn more about them below and take a listen to the track!

About Play Rough: Hailing from Maple Ridge, B.C. this bass music duo shatters stereotypes of the live music experience through rail-breaking basslines and gut-wrenching melodic music. With an additional taste for filthy and wonky wubs, this unique pair of artists unite under the contrast-centric alias 'Play Rough'.

About FKE IMGE: FKE IMGE (pronounced “Fake Image”) is a DJ/music producer from Jeffersonville, Indiana that is constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music with radically different sets that span a wide variety of genres such as dubstep, drum & bass, house, glitch hop, trap, and even metal.

Check out the Track!

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