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"But I Don't" is one of six tracks featured on JESSIA's EP "How Are You?" from Republic Records. The six tracks combine to produce a cinematic record about relationships in technicolor. The singer/songwriter describes her writing style as having a sit down conversation over tea. In "But I Don't," she converses with her pleading lover with "I hope you found what you've been looking for I pray to God it's not me!" The verse is cold but truthful as she recalls every intimacy of a failed relationship. Over acoustic instrumentation and foot stomping bass, JESSIA's angelic tone carries a heart-rendering relief of not wanting no parts in the relationship. There's no begging, no bartering: It's a wan confirmation of moving on and feeling good about it. Good for her.

JESSIA's music video for the song was shot in a vintage thrift store and directed by Nina Kramer. It features JESSIA rummaging and wearing nostalgic outfits to express her new found freedom. Check out the video on YouTube and be sure to listen to this fun track below.

About JESSIA: Vancouver-based JESSIA, started singing before she could talk and by the age of two, had already charmed a crowd at the local legion. With mom as a music teacher, she learned to play the guitar early on and started writing songs at the age of eleven.  Graduating high school early to pursue her dream, she attended University, majoring in vocal performance and broke into the business by penning and performing toplines for electronic artists, most notably on Burgess’ hit “Eclipse.”

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