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TRACK OF THE DAY! Burnout By Xander Rose, Ill.45

This track is on fire! I absolutely love the vibe of this track! The bassline and backbeat not only is it unique but has that grime vibe to it that I adore. I love how the breaks in this track too, it really keeps you engaged and honestly gave me the "wow" shock factor with every unexpected turn this track takes. A part that I think that really just brings this track together is the vocals not only are they interesting but they help elevate the track and bring everything together. I definitely recommend checking out the track below and learning more about Xander Rose and ill.45.

About Xander Rose: Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Xander Rose has been releasing aggressive house music since his debut single “Drank” in 2017. Since then, he’s received support from bass house heavyweights like MASTERIA, DLMT, JACKNIFE, Nostalgix and others on his various releases and has also been featured multiple times in Spotify’s Editorial Playlist “Bangers”. Xander has signed releases to notable record labels like Incursion Recordings, Haus of Panda’s Speed House Movement, and Dack Janiels’ 40oz Cult.

About ill.45: Debuting his first song LAMBO at the end of 2020 on Haus of Panda’s and Tommie Sunshine’s newest label Speed House Movement, ill.45 has already made good impression for what is in the making for 2021. His song Seido with Bassani was released on Diverge Records in January 2021 and picked up by multiple Spotify Official Playlists including Operator & Friday Cratediggers. With multiple releases in store this year among labels including Brooklyn Fire, 40 Oz Cult, LXXIV, Hermanito Label & AIA Hegemon; there is a sound called ill.45 in the making.

Check Out the Track!

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