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Track Of The Day! Burn By Prayer Handz and Rise of the JellyFish

‘Burn’ is the newest track from Prayer Handz and Rise of the JellyFish released on Digital Empire Records. You will learn quickly not to put either of these artists in a box as they bring an abundance of different sounds to this track. Drawing you in with a simple, steady beat and then bringing in the fire with more layers and deep vocals. This track really builds on the strong discography both Prayer Handz and Rise of the Jellyfish have built since they began releasing music. It takes the unique sound of Rise of the JellyFish up a notch and combines that with the likes of Prayer Handz making it the perfect example as to why these guys have made such a great team when it came to making incredible House music. At over 4 minutes long, this track will surely satiate your appetite for that fresh, distinctive House music. Check it out below!

Prayer Handz, Producer | DJ | Lover Of Pizza | Believer in the gospel of House Music. Multiple #1 releases on Beatport (So In Love, The Truth EP & Sour EP), has released with Vibrancy, Uprise Music, OFDM, 3000 Bass & more!

Rise Of The JellyFish is exactly what the name portrays; Something unique and one of a kind that cannot be explained. Which is the best way to brand their music, which takes house music and combines it with high energy tech house and groovy bass that's influenced by old school hip hop and underground dance music to bring you their own distinctive jelly sound. Based out of Edmonton, AB, AJ, Landon and Iskander are on the fast track with releases on Vibrancy, OFDM and Cartel Collective in their first year. Rise Of The JellyFish have gained support from the likes of Dr. Fresch, Re3ab, Cloverdale, Golf Clap, Don Diablo, Wongo, Truth X Lies and Return Of The Jaded. With opening acts for artists such as J.Worra, Born Dirty, J.Phlip, Bingo Players as well as having headlined their first event at Face The Bass.

Check out the Track!

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