Track Of The Day! Break By Keepsix And Reezy

"Break" is the latest single to drop from DJ duo Keepsix and True Sound Radio alumni Reezy; it has earned a coveted spot on the current Tech My House Volume 3 series by Space Yacht. The track is currently the fourth most played song on the Spotify playlist which speaks volumes about this collab! The trio of DJ's have crafted a tune that hooks you right away with a catchy vocal sample, quickly jumping right into the heavy bass driven rhythm. The whole thing feels like a party that's not waiting to get started. Spacey, futuristic sounding synth, samples and ambience ask you to just drift away and vibe with the song. It's easy to hear exactly why the track made the cut and is currently being featured on such a fantastic compilation along with many other worthy artists. In this reviewers opinion "Break" is more than worthy of a spot on your own playlist, it's already a part of my own favorites list. Be sure to check the track out on the Tech My House Volume 3 playlist as well as the other bangers out there by Keepsix and Reezy.

About Keepsix: This Vancouver based duo is taking their love for the underground and showcasing a fresh take on 90's rave. They aim to bridge the gap between tech house and break beats along with a little global inspiration and influence. Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Reezy rides a fine line between catering to a wide audience while also being able to define his own sound. Self described as "rootin' tootin' tech house" his music can be dark, mysterious, catchy and nostalgic. Besides the success of "Break" Reezy just released a remix of "Tongue & Groove" by XPNSV TASTE. Facebook | Twitter

Get your groove on with "Break" below!

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