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Looking for a track that will have you playing it on repeat all week long? No Thanks and FOMO brings the heat in their latest release on House Call Records. The track titled 'Bongo' let me tell you it is phenomenal, this track has some amazing sound design and has tons of energy. It definitely brings that Bongo energy and is a very unique track. I love all the unique Bongo like sounds throughout the track, they really bring a ton of energy to the track, paired with the tracks powerful backbeat. This track will leave you wanting more at just 2 minutes and 22 seconds in length. One of my favorite parts of this track are the vocals they really keep you engaged in the track, I would say this track has huge festival energy and I hope to hear it played out at a ton of festivals next year. Both No Thanks and FOMO did a great job at incorporating their own signature sounds into the track, and I definitely recommend you learn more about both of these duos below!

About FOMO: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), consisting of Garrett and Morgan, is a DJ/music production duo based in San Diego, California. Former college roommates, the two shared an early interest in dance music and launched their project together in 2016. Over the past 5 years they have quickly grown within the San Diego scene. In 2019 they were selected as the winners for the Insomniac Discovery Project. Their remixes have also been favorites among the industry with support from some of the biggest names in dance including Skrillex and The Chainsmokers. Progressing their sound and working hard behind the curtain, the two look to take their music to a global scale in 2021.

About No Thanks: No Thanks is a collaborative project between Giuliano Rascan & Dejan Zoric, both from Canada. The pair bring a unique, high energy, and fresh sound to the dance music scene which has gained them support by mainstage acts and top record labels including Insomniac Records, Space Yacht Records, Tchami's Confession Records + more. The duo promises to continue to innovate and release music that will keep you wanting more!

Check out the Track! Check out our 'Track of the day!' Spotify Playlist!

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