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The Arcturians and JOOL are some of the best in the dubstep game right now. So when these two get together for a collaboration, you better believe it’s gonna blow you out of the water. That’s exactly how it went down for their recent release, Blood . Released on Circus Records, Blood starts off slow and sultry but slaps hard with fast-paced energy between verses of singer Q'Aila. Q'Aila, one-third of the group Arcturians, brings some impressive vocals that are emotionally evocative. After her first verse, this track goes berserk, the pace is picked up with melodic choppy effects and a crushing bass that will cause a crook in your neck. Don't worry, it slows down to let you experience another verse from the soloist, making for a perfect balance of vocals and music arrangement. You can tell that the Arcturians and JOOL lent their unique style to this tune, bringing together an assortment of talent and impressive production. Hit play below to experience the madness for yourself.

About The Arcturians: The Arcturians bring a new sound to bass music with beautifully ominous vocals which accompany strong melodies reminiscent of a dark future. Drawing influence from Skrillex, Nero, and Zeds Dead, their productions range from the styles of dubstep, drum and bass, and heavy trap. Their sound is easily translatable onto a range of subgenera, thus making it appealing to a wider audience. Their enigmatic, vocally driven music gives them an edge in the bass music scene, creating a mysteriously intriguing sonic environment evocative of a looming futuristic dystopia.

About JOOL: The legendary warrior of middle eastern electronic sounds.

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