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"Belong" is We Are Fury's first time writing vocals for a drum and bass record, and we totally enjoyed it. The duo We Are Fury collaborated with If Found and Stirling on this one. "Belong" is super inspirational, delivering a positive message while delivering upbeat music in between. This collab plays like a slowed pop song one minute, with passionate male vocals, switching to an melodic drum and bass sound. This surprising attack of music stuck with me the most, I didn't have any preparedness for what came next, and the sound shifts made sure to catch me off-guard. We assure you by the time this track heads into the last chorus, you'll be singing "We belong together" hoping to sing it again and again. I was totally into this track and even I anticipated another chorus. Apart from this detail, I can't really complain, I will compliment this collaboration a success and will be listening for other productions from these three. Check out "Belong" below.

"We wrote “Belong” in the middle of the pandemic, when it felt like things were hopeless. This is where the chorus and “We belong to something” became so important. We all have a different purpose and narrative. We wanted to emphasize that us, and you, the listener, matter, and have an important part to play in your tribe. Whatever that may be." -We Are Fury

About We Are Fury: WE ARE FURY is a Canadian bass duo consisting of Joachim Speidel and Stuart Brookes. Originally from South America, Speidel moved to Vancouver in 2013 to further his academic pursuits. He later dropped out of university in his sophomore year to fully dedicate himself to music production. Brookes, who is Vancouver-born, was producing and attending university when they met and began collaborating. In 2016 they formed a duo, later releasing their first vocal single "Fade Away" as well as official remixes for Mako and Illenium. Since its inception, WE ARE FURY have amassed over 100 million streams across digital platforms. The duo released their debut album "DUALITY" in August 2020.

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