Track Of The Day! Baobab BY MVNTED

'Baobab' is a song you need to listen to multiple times just to catch all the nuances that are contained within its 5:14 run time. Ethereal, futuristic, ambient, Arabic, African, mechanical; these are all words that I would use to not even come close to describing this tune! I found myself constantly moving from jamming out, grooving to the music and sitting still just to take in the many layers and samples, all backed by a solid drum & bass rhythm. Baobab is a shifting and intricate masterpiece in this honest reviewers opinion, a single listen through is just not enough to truly admire what MVNTED has crafted and presented to your ears! Starting out with an ambient chill vibe things take off quickly into a D&B rhythm and vocals that sound like Arabic maqam singing. Interwoven throughout the rest of the track are futuristic, metallic and African elements that add so much more depth and complexity.

About MVNTED : Pronounced "munted" this Vancouver based artist is somewhat elusive. Taking part in various Twitch streamed shows Mvnted has also released original tracks and remixes somewhat consistently. Check out their socials to stay up to date on shows & upcoming releases! And in their own words #staymvnted.

Instagram:@stay_mvnted Soundcloud: MVNTED Spotify: MVNTED

Check out Baobab below!

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