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Xander Rose just released another amazing track! This one came out on Story Time Records and is titled 'Bands'. This track kicks off with some deep and heavy vibes, with a deep, punchy kick and some mysterious sounds. He really brings some similar Tchami like vibes to this track with the deep, rolling bassline and overall feel. I love all the unique mysterious sounds, they really elevate this track and in my mind really complete it. I also love the change up in drops, I find a lot of artists overlook this nowadays and don't change the second drop enough but in this track I was very happy to hear a real change up in sounds at the second drop.

Overall if your a fan of some Bass House tunes, you will like this one Xander Rose did an incredible job, from the sound design to the vocal chops. This ones a hit in my mind and I highly recommend you check it out at the bottom of this blog and learn more about this incredible local artists below!

About Xander Rose: Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Xander Rose has been releasing aggressive house music since his debut single “Drank” in 2017. Since then, he’s received support from bass house heavyweights like MASTERIA, DLMT, JACKNIFE, Nostalgix and others on his various releases and has also been featured multiple times in Spotify’s Editorial Playlists. Xander has signed releases to notable record labels like Incursion Recordings, Haus of Panda’s Speed House Movement, and Dack Janiels’ 40oz Cult.

Check out the Track!

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