Today we're going down the rabbit hole with Vancouver duo Average Citizens. "Ask Alice" is a really interesting track using samples from a Jefferson Airplane song called "White Rabbit". I've heard the original song described as having the ability to make you feel high while completely sober. This unique interpretation maintains that same energy with an added bounce and groove that makes it almost impossible to stay still! Released in late February by InStereo Recordings this track pairs that psychedelic funk with some House style bass and a splash of Trance thrown in for good measure. One thing I particularly loved was the buildup and crescendo/drop synced perfectly with singer Grace Slick's vocals. This same effect is brilliantly crafted into several other parts of the track. Considered one of the 500 greatest songs of all time; being able to make it your own is no small feat, one which was successfully done in my humble opinion. If you're looking for your own white rabbit then don't hesitate to go down this rabbit hole that Average Citizens have dug!

About Average Citizens: Danielle Wilson and Joshua Allen are the two halves that make up Average Citizen. They are known for their high energy and enticing stage presence while they spin their bass-y, bouncy tracks. They keep a consistent West coast tour schedule & have played festivals such as Shambalah & Genius Loci. The pair has also had several #1's including "Get Some Money" & their debut EP "On Yo Block", the latter of which has had airplay at Coachella & Diplo's Revolution. Besides "Ask Alice" be sure to check out their 2020 "Spiritual Gangstas Remix Album" and their latest EP "Upside Down"

Check out "Ask Alice" below!

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