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TRACK OF THE DAY! All Through The Night BY JUELZ

Today we bring a wicked track from local Vancouver based producer Juelz, this ones called 'All Through The Night' and was released on Lowly. We checked out this entire EP titled 'Paradise Lost' and this one track really stood out to me. All the tracks in the EP are absolutely stellar and I highly recommend you not only check out this track but the entire EP. This track features some wicked bouncy trap vibes at the drop and brings some mellow, chill chords to the table that really just bring a great introduction to everything. Honestly my favorite part of this track would be the wicked bassline that hits at the drop of this track its deep, and has a lot of drive to it. It really drives the trap backbeat well not hitting to hard, to affect the other parts of the more mellow, chill vibes but well still giving that great contrast. One thing I would have to say that I really appreciate is the flow of all the tracks in this EP as you listen to it they all easily transition into each other which personally I love when an artists does that it definitely gives off a much better overall listening experience in my opinion. You can learn more about Juelz and check out the track and entire EP below!

About Juelz: For the last three years, Vancouver based producer Juelz has been building a catalog that fuses hip-hop and electronic boundaries effortlessly. Classical training in violin and a culturally diverse upbringing have proven fundamental in the development of his strong music writing and production skills. Juelz found initial success with the release of the SoundCloud club hit “Cocaine”, which quickly led him to collaborations with the likes of josh pan, Falcons, and Promnite. In 2018 he teamed up with bbno$ to release a collaborative EP titled moneytalk, and in early 2019 he released the Shanghai Nights EP with Fools Gold Records. With an influx of support coming from tastemakers including RL Grime, A-Trak and his sophomore label EP High Octane out now through Sable Valley, Juelz is poised to make a big splash in the electronic music scene this year.

Don't forget to stay true to yourself, true to the music, and true to the sound'

Check out the Track!

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