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TRACK OF THE DAY! All Night By Glass Petals

This track brings the heat with its deep and heavy bassline as well unique use of sounds. I love the bassline and backbeat in this track as it really brings the club vibes and keeps your head moving. They chose in my opinion the perfect vocals for this track it really works well with the vibe and brings a Night Bass feel to the track, I've listened to this track and I still cant get over one of the main sounds on the tracks drops its very interesting and almost indescribable. It definitely makes me want to listen to this track 'All Night' you can check it out for yourself below!

About Glass Petals:

This Duo is made up of Felix Cartal and Johnny Jover. Where its Club music only and they love playing the full track and never rushing into the next record. It’s a marathon not a sprint. The best nights are where we forget about everything and get lost in the music together.

Check out the Track!

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