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Sivz kicked some ass in 2021 and we hope it continues in 2022. Right before the end of last year, Sivz dropped a remix of Samanta Liza and Gaspa's 7 AM. This remix takes an already amazing track and elevates it even higher. Sivz adds a deep tech beat along with Samanta Liza's flawless vocals creating a hit that will carry you straight to the nearest dance floor. This banger has an deep-techno bass that's easily recognizable and a hard hitting, punchy kick that is addicting. Sivz's mix indulges in textured layers of sound, erotic techno, entrancing feminine vocals, and bewitching buildups. Pushing past 6 minutes long of that enticing house sound, 7 AM is so uplifting and fun you can not help but go along with groove of it. Sivz can really do no wrong when it comes to dropping surprise remixes like this one. Keep it up Sivz, the hype surrounding her name just continues to bloom and we're ready for more. For now, lets relish in 7 AM check it out below.

About Sivz: Sivz is an artist born out of relentless hard work and true passion for the party. Starting in the crowd, she tornado’d her way to sharing the stage with likes of Green Velvet, Chris Lake, Claude Vonstoke, Mark Knight, Claptone and Dusky to name a few. Embarking on an annual tour of the Canadian music festival circuit with performances at the prestigious Bass Coast, Snowbombing, Contact, and Fvded in the park among others, her versatility in playing both underground gems and mainstream hits has appealed to the tastes of many, often playing the most talked about sets of the weekends she’s involved in. A connoisseur of all things house, Sivz’s music collection spans from groovy, loungey house to the darkest warehouse techno. You can trust in her chameleon-like ability to deliver the right vibe for any setting or join others in appreciating the way she fluidly transitions through the 4x4 sub-genres to leave you in drastically different places from where you started. In the studio, Sivz reflects her appreciation for the wide spectrum of house music with releases for every mood, all the while gravitating towards simplicity, minimalism, intricate percussion, and dominant vocals as her ultimate tools for expression. Her diverse releases on labels such as Westwood X and Late Night Munchies have received endless support from her dedicated fan base, repetitively landing her records in Beatport’s Top 10 and Top 100 house and tech house charts.

About Samanta Liza: A Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ and producer of Swedish and Indonesian-Chinese heritage. Growing up, she moved around the world: from London, Sweden, Kuwait, Florida, Shanghai to New York, she was introduced to a variety of cultures and music at an early age. Samanta started writing music at the age of 13. Towards the end of 2020, Samanta decided to focus on creating electronic music—inspired by a variety of artists and genres. Expect to hear a wide range of elements in her music, ranging from electronic synths, ethereal vocals, to organic percussive elements, hand pan, guitar, and more

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