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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

'30 Below' by Shea Michael and Teon Gibbs reflects on how complicated fixing relationships can be.

This is the first time these two talented artist have worked together. This collaboration birth a track about the attempts to save a relationship. . Shea opens the track singing, "Midnight drive with you 30 below, blowing smoke out the window." Over a infectious beat and harmonious flow, Shea explains the issues and pain that caused a break up. The softness and slight agony in his voice sets the mood for the rest of the song. Teon slides in for the second half of this track. His deep flow sounds a bit like the Certified Lover Boy but inserts his own style. He continues where Shea left off but adds some self awareness and admits to his shortcomings. The song concludes with the hook from Shea and airy effects.

Overall, this was a good track. A perfect song to fully explain how heart-wrenching and critical fixing a relationship can be. Check out the Track of the Day below.

About Shea Michael: A singer, songwriter, rapper and producer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Formerly known as Chedda Cheese (comedy musician and battle-rap icon), he has over 10 years of experience in the music industry. Countless instances of failure and success have provided him with the tools to create genuine, relatable, world-class music as Shea Michael.

About Teon Gibbs: Based out of Vancouver BC. As an artist and producer Teon Gibbs offers a unique perspective to his music, taking influence from his heritage, soulful tones, and modern production. Being involved in production, sessional musician work, songwriting and engineering for almost 10 years, Teon has the network, the ambition and the talent to be Western Canada's flagship artist.

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