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TRACK OF THE DAY! Waiting For U By nÜ nÜ Feat. Dacey

This track brings some beautiful vocals mixed with a nasty wicked drop. I absolutely love the sound design and everything in the drops they are very unique, I also adore all the additional unique sounds and trap elements. They did an amazing job incorporating all the sounds they used. The overall trippy vibe this track brings right from the beginning definitely sets this track apart and I definitely recommend you check it out below!

About Dacey: DACEY (DAH-SEE) sets a new age storm on stage, with elements of various genres; Alternative R&B, Lo Fi Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Indie, and Jazz, tied together with her creative edge. Influenced by unforgettable artists such as Amy Winehouse, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, SZA, and Anderson .Paak; Dacey makes her genre-defying mark, producing progressive melodic stories fit to any mood she seeks with the crowd. The 20 year old’s hooky vibe continues to linger in the limelight as she and her band proceed to captivate the underground scene, starting right at her roots; in the heart of Vancouver. Dacey Andrada Justin Tecson - Guitar, Keys Waterfall Eyes - Guitar Joshfrompomo - Bass Marco Marin - Drums

About nÜ nÜ : Have you ever wondered what you’d get if you combined the bombastic drums and synth sounds of hard-hitting EDM genres with the sensibility and stylings of modern pop music? Well look no further! Welcome to the universe of nÜ nÜ.

Birthed from a want (or need?) to collaborate and create something different with a variety of artists from various backgrounds, music producer Cody “F’in” Taylor created nÜ nÜ as an alias to expand his musical horizon. His music production company and studio, Fiend Recordings (, has helped to develop and grow many artists’ careers and continues to do so. The Fiend studio is the comfort zone, where artists and producers are able to express their thoughts and ideas with no worry of judgement. It’s where the magic happens.

nÜ nÜ’s latest release ,“Fix YoÜ” featuring Desirée Dawson has been his most popular to date. It’s been playing regularly on Canada’s national radio station since it’s release. If you’re into artists like RL Grime, UZ, or Jauz, then you’re going to love nÜ nÜ. Check out his stuff here:

Slow mo, (what, what) When the tempo slows up and creates that new, new (what, what) He seems alive though he is feeling blue (what, what) The sun is shining man he's super cool, cool The lonely nights (what, what) They fade away he slips into his white Nikes (what, what) He smokes a clip and then he's on the way (what, what) To free his mind in search of....

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