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Track Of The Day! "Luv 3020" by Mirzha

Happy Thursday folks!

Today we are introducing you to a brand new artist. Well, new to the EDM scene.

About the artist: Introducing MIRZHA, the alias of Yuvraj Baweja. Origianlly from Delhi, India, and now resides in Vancouver, BC. Mirzha has been learning and making music for 5 years now, mostly under the name of “YB” however, several months ago he felt like a new change was needed and so MIRZHA was born. His style is future bass with the softness of vapour twitch.

Mirzha's music is inspired by the works of Flume, Eprom, SOPHIE, Mura Masa and Getter.

"LUV 3020" began as a piano loop that gradually formed a futuristic, electronic love song . His desire was to make something which was inherently familiar yet "glitchy". The track features granulated vocals creating a beautiful contrast to vapour melody that lies beneath, echoing the rhythmic drums. This is the first release under Mirzha, and what a wonderful taste it is of things to come.

Listen to "Luv 3020" here:

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