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#100 track OF THE DAY! Get Down By Mynxy, Sullust

Before I get intro this track review I want to Thank everyone that has been reading our daily blogs this year, this is number 100 and we are so thankful to be able to support and feature such amazing local talent the feedback has been incredible, we aren't stopping here and are proud to feature for number 100 'Get Down' By Sullust and Mynxy. They absolutely killed it on this Album it was hard decision to pick one track to feature. This track when listening to it almost gives a surreal vibe to it with its unique atmospheric sounds that grab you along with the vocals. I adore the bassline that just grabs you, this entire track just takes you on a journey. It definitely makes you want to "Get Down", and the sound design and backbeat is just insane. I love every bit of this track and it will definitely be on repeat along with the rest of the Album. Learn more about Mynxy as well check out the track below!

About Mynxy: MYNXY's career began in 2016 when she entered the Femme Fatale DJ competition. Since competing, she became a staple in the Vancouver music scene. She has performed at largely scaled festivals such as Pemberton, Seasons, FVDED In The Park, Snowbombing Canada and Contact. She was recently signed to Triple A Talent which represents the best underground artists from the West Coast.

She became known for singing live in her DJ performances, whose genre-bending unpredictability often mixes elements of R&B, Hip Hop, D&B, House and Bass.

Her ear and versatility has led her to writing & singing top lines for producers all around the world including Australia, Italy and Spain.

In 2019 Sullust & MYNXY released liquid D&B track Little White Bags which is dedicated to those we have lost due to substances and mental health. In 2021, they released Wish You Were Here as the first single off of their upcoming EP. The four track EP "Get Down" is a must listen for anyone who loves female vocals, half time, R&B and wonky bass lines. It was released on May 3rd 2021 and features a remix from renowned bass producer Konka.



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